A Look into the Future

I’m almost finished my social media class at Durham College. Here’s a look at what I learned and my future plans:

I learned so much in my social media class this semester. I discovered how to promote myself through a variety of social medias including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Behance, as well as trying out WordPress. Through this exploration, I discovered I really like blogging here on my website, as well as posting my work on Behance and Instagram. I love my professor’s use of the SEO acronym as well as her “social media sandwich”.

For the future, I’m really looking forward to continuing my use of Instagram, Behance, and this blog. I’m going to post regularly scheduled content on them (though Instagram will be updated more frequently). I’m hoping to increase my traffic within the next 3 months, especially on Instagram.

I’m very excited to put this plan into action. I’m hoping that by using what I have written in my plan, I’ll be able to create a great business for myself and be able to market myself effectively.


My Marketing Plan: X

My Gallery of Behind the Scenes: X

Special Thanks to Jennifer Bedford, Alison Dier, and Kyle Morin


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