A Day at the Park – Mini Portfolio

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I recently created my first mini portfolio. I decided to do “a day at the park” as my theme, because I really enjoy shooting nature. I felt that it would make sense for me to shoot my portraits outside for this reason. I also love shooting in natural light. I have less control over it, so it’s a bit of a challenge, but the results turn out great in the end.

I wanted my photos to express my subject’s personality, which is usually more serious-looking but playful at times. I also found leaning him up against the tree was a great way to get him to relax and work better in front of the camera. He instantly was able to work it more once he had something he could interact with in the photo, even though the object was more in the background.

Shooting the photos for my portfolio was very fun. The weather was cold, so both my subject and I had to work through the frigid weather in order to get the shots. Because my subject and I are very close, we were able to really enjoy the time together and get some great photographic results.

My favourite photo out of all the ones I took has to be the one where he is leaning against the tree with his hands folded on his knees. His eyes being half open made him look very chilled out and cool, and the pose reflected that as well.

Kyle 3.jpg

Another photo I really like is the one with his hands on his cheeks and mouth open. This was a glimpse of my subject’s more playful side that he doesn’t show as often, so I was very happy to have captured this. He only held this pose for about a second, and didn’t expect me to snap a photo, but I’m glad it turned out well.

Kyle 5.jpg

All in all, I enjoyed shooting my mini portfolio, and I’m very excited to shoot more in the future.


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