Movie Trends in 2017; What’s Coming, What’s Huge

As you may or may not already know, photography is the art of capturing still images. Videography, the art of capturing moving pictures, is very similar to photography in many ways. One of the most common types of videography is one many people enjoy; movies.

Movie-making and movie trailers are types of videos we see every single day. Now, in 2017, they’re bigger than ever. There are numerous film award shows, including the Academy Awards, the People’s Choice Awards, and the Golden Globe Awards. As with every other industry, there are new up-and-coming trends every year, and they change very rapidly. Here are a few possible trends for movies in 2017:


  • Augmented and Virtual Reality: Virtual Reality (or VR) is becoming huge. Though it’s still being developed, it’s already becoming popular within the gaming community, such as games like Oculus Rift and Pokémon GO. Many are hoping that it soon makes its way to the big screen, so we can all experience movies in a totally new way. It could have a big impact on movie-going, similar to how 3D changed the film industry drastically. Read more here.

3143greenscreen(Creative Handbook) 

  • Episodic: Episodes are very common in television. They can be half an hour or an hour long, and it keeps people coming back for more every week. Some have begun to wonder if episodes may one day be incorporated into movies. This could be both a pro and a con, causing film junkies to spend more money to see the continuations of their favourite films. Read more here.

 3144cameraman.jpg(Creative Handbook)

  • Photorealistic CG: According to many sources, creating photorealistic CG humans in movies has been a goal that has yet to be met. There is still hope for 2017, however. Filmmakers hope that someone will finally be able to make a CG human that looks so realistic, no one can tell if it’s real or fake. Read more here.


Even young up-and-coming videographers and filmmakers are attempting to follow different trends. I was able to interview Kyle Morin, a Digital Video Production student at Durham College, and see what sort of trends he was interested in trying or following in 2017.
“Remakes seem to be getting really big these days. I’d love to try to recreate a classic horror movie, maybe with my own twist.” When asked about his horror movie inspirations, he replied “George A. Romaro is a huge inspiration of mine. He’s made classic zombie films like Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. He made zombie films what they are today.” You can follow Kyle on his Facebook page here.


In summary, movies are huge in the videography industry, and there are many trends we all hope to see in 2017 and the years afterwards.



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