Photo Challenge: Circles

Taking photos within a theme can be difficult, but I decided to challenge myself by trying to take photos of circles and spheres.

All of my photos are close up shots, because I love to get close to objects and show detail. Here are my shots and a small explanation of each of them:


_MG_7112.JPG8-Ball: Taken on my dad’s pool table, this pool ball was my first idea for a photo for this project. When reading through possible themes, I came across “circles” and a pool ball popped right into my head. I used a narrow depth of field to make sure the pool ball was the main focus of the image.


_MG_7066.JPGToonie: I used a shallow depth of field to my advantage again, making the text and the number ‘2’ the main focus.


_mg_7049Mug: I went for a moodier feel for the lighting in this photo. The lighting causes the cup to look a deep red, which gives off a dramatic feel.


_mg_7043 Hubba Bubba Gum: An old favourite bubble gum of mine. Hubba Bubba has a well-known shape for its gum containers, and I found it to be super interesting. I chose to have a hand holding it within the photo to remind the viewer of when they would go to the store as a child and buy the gum.


edit_mg_7081Dog Eye: This photo was the most challenging of all the photos I took, mostly because 4 of my 5 photos were inanimate objects, while this one was a living and constantly moving dog. This photo also may not immediately remind someone of a circle, but the dog’s eye is shaped like a circle, so it’s more hidden than the rest.


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